On Wednesday 17 November (9:30-11:30 am), the Alliance organized the regional dialogue for EU activists working on overcoming patent and other intellectual property barriers to access to health technologies.

The dialogue provided a place for EU activists to reflect on the past 20 years since the Doha Declaration and is part of the weeklong event GSIPA2M-2021Virtual: A Virtual Pre-Summit held from 14-21 November 2021 featuring plenary sessions, special lectures, regional workshops, side events, special sessions and much more. It was organized by the International Treatment Preparedness Coalition (ITPC) and hosted by the European Alliance for Responsible R&D and Affordable Medicines.

A presentation of the discussion from the EU regional dialogue was shared with representatives from other regions and a summary is available here.

Final Agenda

09:30    Welcome

09:35    Fighting patent barriers: the patent opposition for Sofosbuvir, Elena Urdaneta, former Director General, Médecins du Monde (Doctors of the World). Presentation 

09:50    Discussion

10:10    The experience of A2M and IP in Spain, Irene Bernal, Salud por Derecho and No es Sano

10:15    Discussion

10:30    Using competition law: the experience of the CDCA Leadiant case in the Netherlands, Wilbert Bannenberg, Pharmaceutical Accountabiliy Foundation. Presentation

10:40    Discussion

11:00    TRIPS Flexibilities navigator: a tool to educate, empower and build community, Jaume Vidal, Health Action International. Presentation 

11:05    Discussion: what do EU activists need to continue this fight? Everyone