Under the future Partnership between the European Commission and the healthcare sector industries, a considerable amount of public funds will be allocated to health research and innovation projects. 43 organisations including patients, consumers, doctors, payers, HTAs and public interest organisations express their views on the European Partnership on Innovative Health in a letter to the European Commission.

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They urge the European Commission to safeguard that the public interest is at the core of the future European Partnership on Innovative Health by ensuring:

  1. Priority Setting driven by public health needs
  2. Transparent, balanced and inclusive governance structures
  3. Public return on public investment and ensuring equitable access to publicly funded R&I
  4. Full transparency on R&I investments
  5. Open science
  6. Sensitive health policy issues to be discussed in inclusive multi-stakeholder platforms with strong stewardship from public authorities

Download the full letter

Supporting organisations

  1. AAJM – Asociación por un Acceso Justo al Medicamento (Spain)
  2. Access to Medicines Ireland (Ireland)
  3. AIDES (France)
  4. AIDS Action Europe
  5. AOK Bundesverband (Germany)
  6. ARAS – Romanian Association Against AIDS (Romania)
  7. BEUC – The European Consumer Organisation
  8. Bulgarian Association for Patients’ Defense (Bulgaria)
  9. Commons Network
  10. EKPIZO (Greece)
  11. European Academy of Paediatrics
  12. European AIDS Treatment Group
  13. European Alliance for Responsible R&D and Affordable Medicines
  14. European Association of Hospital Pharmacists – EAHP
  15. European Institute of Women’s Health
  16. European Public Health Alliance – EPHA
  17. European Social Insurance Platform – ESIP
  18. Global Health Advocates
  19. Grupo de Ativistas em Tratamentos (Portugal)
  20. Health Action International – HAI
  21. HOPE – European Hospital and Healthcare Federation
  22. International Association of Mutual Benefit Societies – AIM
  23. Just Treatment
  24. Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for HTA – LBI-HTA (Autria)
  25. Main Association of Austrian Social Security Institutions – SV (Austria)
  26. Mario Negri Institute for Pharmacological Research (Italy)
  27. Medecins du Monde (Greece)
  28. Mental Health Europe
  29. MSF Access Campaign
  30. National Health Care Institute – ZIN (The Netherlands)
  31. Prescrire
  32. ReAct Europe
  33. Romanian Health Observatory (Romania)
  34. Salud por Derecho (Spain)
  35. Social Security Institution of Finland (Finland)
  36. SOMO
  37. Standing Committee of European Doctors – CPME
  39. T1International
  40. Test Aankoop/Test Achats (Belgium)
  41. Transparency International Health Initiative
  42. Universities Allied for Essential Medicines (UAEM) Europe
  43. Wemos (The Netherlands)