The European Alliance for Responsible R&D and Affordable Medicines calls for all parties to protect the health and welfare and guarantee access to medical tools and healthcare for all people affected by the ongoing war in Ukraine

Members of the Alliance are deeply concerned by the unfolding humanitarian crisis and stand in full solidarity with the people in Ukraine and the wider region affected by the war. 

We are particularly troubled about reported attacks on health facilities and other violations of international humanitarian law in Ukraine, including denying people access to healthcare and medicines.

We call on the international community and in particular the EU and its member states’ authorities to mobilize sufficient resources, including medical supplies and workers to the affected zones as recommended by the WHO, and to undertake the necessary measures to provide for the essential needs, including healthcare, of all refugees fleeing from Ukraine.

Finally, we express our full support to medical professionals and civil society organizations in Ukraine and elsewhere working to alleviate suffering and put an end to the human misery armed conflicts inevitably bring about.

Endorsing organizations

  1. Consilium Scientific
  2. European Public Health Alliance
  3. Médecins du Monde International Network
  4. Access to Medicines Ireland
  5. Universities Allied for Essential Medicines Europe
  6. Sarah Steingrüber, Individual Alliance Member
  7. France Assos Santé
  8. Consumer Association the Quality of Life-EKPIZO
  9. Prescrire